Connecting the Alarm Panel Telephone Cable

An alarm system that have been used with a monitoring service usually have a telephone cable going out. Look for it close to your alarm panel or at the phone line entry of your home. The plug at the end of the cable is usually connected to a small phone box called RJ31X or CA38A as shown above.

Find the cable plug, disconnect it from the phone box, and connect it to the Alarmster Alarm Port.

Combined Keyboard-Panel Systems

The Alarm Panel Telephone Cable usually run in the wall from the back of the Keyboard-Panel and down to the basement or to a nearby closet. Knowing that it should go to the phone line entry will help you find it.


Alarm Panels with nearby phone box

Look for the RJ31X or CA38A phone box close to the Alarm Panel. This is the most common installation since alarm panels are usually installed close to phone lines.


Alarm PanelS with phone box inside

Sometimes the RJ31X or CA38A is found inside the Alarm Panel as shown below. In such case, simply run the Alarm Panel Telephone Cable out through an opening on a side or on the back of the panel.


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