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Alarmster is your ultimate
home protector for

$0 /month

Alarmster will CALL
you and your folks

Alarmster sends sequenced VOICE calls and SMS / E-mail alerts for each type of alarm to you and other persons of your choice.!

A dedicated voice message can ask one of your contacts to call 911 for you.

Alarmster offers
a complete proctection

System Health

(Accesses, Power outages, …)
You need Alarmster with your own alarm system


You need Alarmster with your own alarm system


(Fire, Medical, Police)
You need Alarmster with your own alarm system


You need Alarmster with your own alarm system


Order your Alarmster
complete bundle now


  • Alarmster ONE
  • Battery Power Adapter
  • Wi-FI adapter
  • Power Splitter Cable (not shown)

ALARMSTER with water & freeze detection


  • Alarmster ONE
  • Wi-FI adapter
  • 4 Alarmster WFH

alarmster one
with wi-fi


  • Alarmster ONE
  • Wi-FI adapter

How it works?

Connection is simple

Your alarm system cable clicks-in Alarmster ONE alarm port and a cable or Wi-Fi adapter connects to your internet router. Connect an IP phone line or enter your VoIP account to enable voice calling.


Configuration is easy

Alarmster configuration pages are accessible from your home network using any computer, tablet or smartphone. Enter your contacts and select each type of alarm you want them to receive.



Enjoy peace of mind!

Thanks to Alarmster self-checked firmware updates, you will always benefit from the latest features and improvements.


Alarmster is the new freedom for
Alarm System Owners

Ideal for:





Most alarm systems require expensive wired phone lines and monthly remote monitoring fees. They are often incompatible with more economical IP phone lines. Cellular network alarm systems do exist, but require exclusive subscriptions — not to mention technical adjustments up to and including complete alarm system replacement.

Alarmster is an all-in-one solution on the cutting edge of technology. This flexible, comprehensive, cost-effective residential security device comes with free automatic updates and top-notch after-sales service.



No montly fees

Free firmware updates

Completely autonomous



The Uninterruptible Power Supply acts as a power outlet that stays on even during power outages. It can be used to power BridgeSecure, your Modem and Router. It will also protect your equipment and keep your internet available during power outages (provided internet service is still on).

The WiFi Adapter is a very simple mean to replace the network cable between BridgeSecure and your Router. It is recommended if your Router is not in the same room as your Alarm Panel. It also provides added benefits of extending your network and eliminating Wi-Fi dead zones throughout your home.

Most alarm systems that are designed to communicate using a regular phone line will work with BridgeSecure. Alarm systems communicating exclusively through cellular network (GSM) are not compatible. The alarm system may require the intervention of a professional installer for reprogramming if it has never been connected to an alarm central.