is the brainchild of two visionary entrepreneurs

A few years ago, while looking for an economical and complete solution to protect his home, one of the inventors noticed the high and recurring costs of existing remote monitoring solutions. This is how a new idea was born, and that our two entrepreneurs joined forces to start Bridgesecure Technologies.

The result is Alarmster, a revolutionary alarm monitoring device that replaces the conventional monitoring service. It harnesses the power of today’s communications technologies to provide you with a more comprehensive alarm system by adding the ability to send emergency alerts directly to any desired contact.


Our values


We have developed Alarmster,
the first smart alarm central device that replaces the conventional monitoring service. Alarmster is compatible with most alarm systems that are designed to communicate using a regular phone line. We will soon be offering wireless sensors to allow you to add essential prevention against water damage.


We believe that all homeowners should have the freedom to take charge of their own safety. This is why we have developed the first smart alarm central device that sends alerts for all types of events. Choose who and how each person will receive them. You can now say goodbye to monthly fees


Each of our products and solutions
is designed with the same goal of improving your security as an homeowner. We always strive for performance and ease of use at the lowest possible cost. Our personalized after-sales service will exceed your expectations and even help you configure your security system.



I am always looking for new and better products or solutions to bring to homeowners like me. Can we do it better, more efficiently, easier to use? Let’s make it! My motto: “We have no choice but to become specialists in everything”


I make sure of the realization and the feasibility of our products. But wait, these must be reliable, efficient and built according to today’s technologies and standards. My motto: “Let us return each stone in the search for excellence”


” Being a happy new homeowner, I had to decide what to do with the expensive remote monitoring offered by the previous owner. After some research, I found Alarmster. It’s free to use and even more efficient for reaching me and my neighbors.”


Our mission

pushing the boundaries of home security

Bridgesecure Technologies is here to provide homeowners with all the tools required to take charge of their own security. Bridgesecure is pushing the boundaries of home security and is the leader in autonomous remote monitoring.


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