BridgeSecure – Smart Alarm Central


BridgeSecure – Smart Alarm Central


BridgeSecure receives alarms from your existing alarm system. It sends sequenced voice calls and SMS/E-mail alerts for each type of alarm to you and other persons of your choice. Voice synthesis is configurable in English, Spanish or French and a recorder allows for replay of owner’s name and address.

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BridgeSecure connects directly to your existing alarm security system. It makes voice phone calls and sends SMS and E-mail alerts. Choose who will receive alerts according to 8 types of alarms. Featuring full alarm central capabilities with an easy and powerful web management panel. All without remote monitoring fees!


  • No monthly fees 24/7 Monitoring, for use with Alarmster Compatible Detectors and/or an existing CID compatible Alarm System
  • Sequenced Voice Calls, SMSs & E-mails to 8 Contacts + 1 assigned to 911, manageable by alarm types (8 categories)
  • Direct calls with a VOIP account or an IP phone line, requires an Internet connection for VOIP and SMS/E-mails
  • 1000 Event’s Log Memory, 32 Zones, 4 Partitions & 32 Users Identification
  • Firmware updates (checked every day), Multilingual (English, Spanish, French), 8 Seconds Voice Recorder & Synthesis


Package Contents

  • BridgeSecure Device
  • Power Adapter (micro USB plug)
  • 2m (6.5ft) Blue Network Cable
  • 2m (6.5ft) Silver Telephone Cable
  • CA38A (RJ31X) Telephone adapter
  • Alarm Panel Telephone Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Additional information

Weight 0.453 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 7 cm


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Provides supply to your BridgeSecure from the 12V battery of a standard alarm system.

Use of an Uninterruptible Power Supply is recommended to keep supply on your Router/Modem during power outages. Find it in all good online stores.

The Wi-Fi Adapter is a simple mean to replace the network cable between BridgeSecure and your Router. It is recommended if your Router is not in the same room as your Alarm Panel. It also provides added benefits of extending your network and eliminating Wi-Fi dead zones throughout your home.

Most alarm systems that are designed to communicate using a regular phone line will work with BridgeSecure. Alarm systems communicating exclusively through cellular network (GSM) are not compatible. The alarm system may require the intervention of a professional installer for reprogramming if it has never been connected to an alarm central.