The following instructions are for alarm systems which have already been used with an alarm central service at some point in the past.

You will first need to find the Alarm Panel Telephone Cable going out of your alarm system. The plug at the end of this cable is usually connected into a small plastic phone box (RJ31X) as shown.

The pictures below shows typical alarm system installations to help you find the cable and connect it to BridgeSecure. Once you found the cable, disconnect it from the RJ31X plastic box and connect it to the BridgeSecure Alarm Port. In the unlikely event that your alarm system siren sounds, simply disarm the system as you would normally do.

Combined Keyboard-Panel Systems

Usually the Alarm Panel Telephone Cable will run in the wall from the back of the Keyboard-Panel box down to the basement or to a nearby closet. Knowing the cable should go to the phone line entry of the house or condo will help you find its plug and RJ31X location.

Alarm Panel with nearby RJ31X phone box

Look for the RJ31X plastic box close the Alarm Panel. This is the most common installation since the alarm panel is usually installed close to the phone line entry.

Alarm Panel with RJ31X phone box inside

Sometimes the RJ31X is found inside the Alarm Panel as shown below. Simply run the Alarm Panel Telephone Cable out through an opening on a side or on the back of the panel.

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Provides supply to your BridgeSecure from the 12V battery of a standard alarm system.

Use of an Uninterruptible Power Supply is recommended to keep supply on your Router/Modem during power outages. Find it in all good online stores.

The Wi-Fi Adapter is a simple mean to replace the network cable between BridgeSecure and your Router. It is recommended if your Router is not in the same room as your Alarm Panel. It also provides added benefits of extending your network and eliminating Wi-Fi dead zones throughout your home.

Most alarm systems that are designed to communicate using a regular phone line will work with BridgeSecure. Alarm systems communicating exclusively through cellular network (GSM) are not compatible. The alarm system may require the intervention of a professional installer for reprogramming if it has never been connected to an alarm central.