BridgeSecure™: A great new advance in alarm systems

BridgeSecure is the brainchild of two visionary entrepreneurs

A few years back, one of the inventors of BridgeSecure was looking for a cost-effective and comprehensive solution to protect his home. But existing remote monitoring solutions came with high, recurring costs.

A smart response to an unmet need

Most alarm systems require expensive wired phone lines and monthly remote monitoring fees. They are also often incompatible with more economical IP telephone systems. Cellular network alarm systems do exist, but require exclusive subscriptions—not to mention technical adjustments up to and including complete alarm system replacement.

This explains why nearly a third of homeowners give up on the idea of connecting their system to an alarm central. For both company founders, these were good reasons to develop a reliable and cost-effective home security solution.

New freedom for alarm system owners

A new idea was born, and the two entrepreneurs partnered up to launch Bridgesecure Technologies. Their mission: develop and market a modern, autonomous residential security solution for homeowners with alarm systems.

The result is BridgeSecure, a part of the Internet of Things. It leverages the power of today’s communication technologies to bring you better, more functional alarm systems that generate emergency alerts.

BridgeSecure is an all-in-one solution on the cutting edge of technology. This flexible, comprehensive, cost-effective residential security device comes with free automatic updates and top-notch after-sales service.

A new vision for the future: Water leak detection

Bridgesecure Technologies is pushing the boundaries of home security and is now the leader in autonomous remote monitoring.

Water leak sensors will soon be available to owners of BridgeSecure devices. These sensors enable homeowners to warn chosen contacts when water leaks happen at home—and intervene immediately before damage spreads. A fully integrated, economical, and effective solution that prevents one of the biggest cause of home insurance claims.



Provides supply to your BridgeSecure from the 12V battery of a standard alarm system.

Use of an Uninterruptible Power Supply is recommended to keep supply on your Router/Modem during power outages. Find it in all good online stores.

The Wi-Fi Adapter is a simple mean to replace the network cable between BridgeSecure and your Router. It is recommended if your Router is not in the same room as your Alarm Panel. It also provides added benefits of extending your network and eliminating Wi-Fi dead zones throughout your home.

Most alarm systems that are designed to communicate using a regular phone line will work with BridgeSecure. Alarm systems communicating exclusively through cellular network (GSM) are not compatible. The alarm system may require the intervention of a professional installer for reprogramming if it has never been connected to an alarm central.